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More and more homeowners are turning their basements into lower living areas. Old fashioned basements can be transformed into airy, livable space that is a joy to use every day.

If you are planning to build a new home, a few minor design changes at the time of construction can give your basement an                                                          "above grade" feeling.

Perma-Structo, Inc. can help you and your builder easily turn your basement into functional and delightful living space. Some intelligent ideas include nine foot full-height concrete walls that give you extra head room while allowing for duct work and utilities. We also recommend using deep-well windows to let in as much light as upstairs windows and provide an additional means of egress.

Turning your basement into functional living area doubles the square footage of a single-story home, or adds fifty percent to the living area fo a two-story home.

Built correctly, lower living space can do just about everything that an upstairs space can do. And the one comapny that can help you is Perma-Structo, Inc.

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